Lost in the word of love.

Lost in the guys eyes.

Lost in this so called world.

So lost you dont notice anyone but him.

But then when it comes down to it you've lost him

And now have No-One!

You come up with so many questions such as, why? , or what do i do now? , you're lost and it feels as if you have walked down the wrong path in the pitch dark black.

You dont know whos going to be there and you dont know who aint going to be there.

You cant depend on any other person cause everything may seem so real but in the end it all seems as if it was all pretend.

Lifes not a fairy tale

Its not a joke

Its nothing to play around with cause everyday something bad happens.

Take life as given, dont give up cause your just still stuck on that path if you do.

Love who loves you, and Never hold grudges cause life just aint long enough..

Live, Love, and Laugh..

by Kayla Moore

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