EB (16.07.1989 / new zealand)


im lost i a world of humans
im lost with a guy i dont know
no one is gonna save me
no one is gonna show
i really wanna get out
of this creepy dark room
no one is gonna help me no one at all

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nice poem.thank you.
you will be helped from the dark room of your mind and find a hand in side your soul one day..you will be tickled by he..to some unknowns...iip
You are cold and hurting lost out in the night wandering and searching for something right Raise you hand and reach out there And you will see you are not lost And people do really care
Nice poem Emily, so much for you to look forward to. don't want you to be lost.... nevertheless, please give us more poetry.... J. L.
...........a tad self-indulgent, nevetheless well written. Cheers, Jerry
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