DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)


I don't know what to do now,
In fact it doesn't matter what I do,
I'll lose your respect anyhow,
And your dissapointness will somehow get through... To me.

You were the one protecting me,
I was covered by your shield,
From your shield I on purpose broke free,
Yet now I remain to yield.

You'll never forgive me for what I've done,
I can never make this up again,
I am not good I am not great for one,
Were you ever really there for me then?

I've given my love, soul and my heart,
I'm afraid of what the world will bring,
Will your and my hand now be apart?
I can't wait for it to be spring.

Maybe at spring I shall get a break,
Maybe then I'll have found my own road,
My next move'll probably be a mistake...
And then my heart will be mowed.

I don't think you understand this case,
Shouldn't I do what I want, what I need?
Yes I do fully know my place,
But now I long to be freed.

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