I am lost in this place,
I am lost in space,
I am never found,
Until I’m on the ground,
I will watch as the oceans churn,
I will watch as the treetops burn,
There is a treasure that I seek,
Yet I am falling faint and weak,
As the gears of time grind,
A treasure they will find,
This treasure is old,
Yet it’s not gold,
It’s the time of the world,
That’s wasting away,
To release it would always give us another day,
To thrive,
To have life,
Life and Love,
Both come from above,
Both love and lust,
Require trust,
I am questioning you and plan,
I don’t want to fall again,
If the time of the old,
And the time of the new,
Grows cold,
Like ice anew,
When the fair come to,
They will all look for you,
You freed them,
And the lights go dim.
As your eyes adjust,
Who is here?
Is it time or trust?
Or it is another looking for lust?

by Hunter Ratliff

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