Will i ever fall in love again?
I've never fallen out
This boy I can't live with
The one I can't live without

I miss him.
I love him.
I'm falling for him
All over agian

but not again
I never stopped falling
The hardest part:
he won't catch me

I'm in love
I never stop thinking
About him

I got a letter
And a rose
From him
In the mail

I didn't know
Whether to laugh
Or to cry.
So I cried.

I called someone
I havent talked to
Since the day
We parted

This girl is the
Only one who
Knows exacly
How i feel bout him

I don't understand
Why he does this to me
HIs attention
Is what I'm craving

Hoe does he do this
I'm so confused
Im lost
Im still in love

by Gabriella Franco

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