Lost Annabelle

She waved her tiny hand that day,
and went outside to play.
As darkness came and chill set in,
they could not hear her footsteps say,
I'm home again please let me in.

They waited till that morn that May.
that sad and lonely day.
No sign of that loved little girl,
with face so full of joy, so gay
always dancing, all in a twirl.

The days went on, the weeks as well;
Pray soon someone would tell,
where she had gone and why.
where was she now, our Annabelle.
They couldn't even grieve or cry.

More time went past, not one small clue,
knocking, loud, as it grew.
'Is this your girl? '. he said to them?
They froze so still and then they knew,
faces now so sad, and solemn.

by Susan Alldred Lugton

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