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Terrestrial Verses

Poem By Forough Farrokhzad

Oh! Angels of love
Carry my message of ove
Across the skies of being apart
Gather clouds of love
Hear my pain of being apart
For Grey skies of thunder eniveloped my world
Raindrops of coldness
Cover my heart
lost in the world of loving you

Were are you my lost heart?

Oh! angles of love
Whisper my love
To the winds
For the gentle breeze might find her shoulder to cool
So that i have may be remebered in that moment
As though i have whispered a kiss

Were are you my lost heart?

Oh! Angles of love
Find the doves of the world
Tell them to sing my love
With sadness
Of my lost heart
Free my aching heart
In the call of the doves
So that they may leave a feather of my aching heart

Were are you my lost heart

Oh! angles of love
Hold the sun so
That my I my bring warmth
And love
So that I may write my
Love in the distant horizon
Of my aching heart
Finding the kiss of the moon
As to bring my love to the stars
Were Are you my lost heart?

Oh! angles of love
Am I to not to be loved?
Or am I to let go of love?

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the words so well express the longing in your heart a very strong poem helping others who feel the same- that they are not alone