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Lost At Sea
PD (02/11/88 / )

Lost At Sea

Poem By Patrice Dixon

I push I pull I and try to find
The answers that will free and ease my mind

I know what I know and think what I think
But is this a front? Could this be shattered in a blink?

I really and truly want to know what this all means
But will I be happy with what my research reveals?

Mind games, trickery, flirtation and laughter
Overflows from your charisma like a damming sea of water

Ready to swallow and devour all in sight
Especially me....Your latest victim...
Caught up in this fight

Floating in this water, no land in view
I swam and swam till tired my arms grew

Mentally I try to stay focused on my goal
To not give in and let your water swallow me whole

The past paved the way, stories upon stories
Of long-ago encounters, failures and glories

But will I be strong and accept what I know
That eventually your true colours will run the show?

Or do I for once give the benefit of doubt
That maybe this time purity from his lips sprout

The possibilities are many
But the options are few

Lead with my head
Or to my heart be true?

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Comments (1)

Using sea as a metaphor this is really a unique poem. You have a wonderful poetic sensitivity, Patrice. Keep writing. Best Wishes. Naseer