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Lost At Sea For A Fortnight

Lost At Sea For A Fortnight

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Thursday, May 13,2010, @7: 10 PM

Lost at sea for a fortnight

No shade from the sunlight

Can't sleep even a wink

So much water and not a drop to drink

Sharks invested waters all around

Waves and the wind make the only sound

No land as far as I can see

No ships passing to liberate me

Fishes beneath abound

Not a fishing pole can be found

Too deep to catch and eat

So I suffer in the blazing heat

How I miss the dirt beneath my feet

What I would give for mangoes sweet

Wishing once again lay in a bed

Wanting a dawn pillow under my head

Try I must stay upbeat

This peril I must defeat

Life's journey not yet complete

My maker not ready I to meet

I shall remain brave

Any day now my life someone will be save

I am not ready for the grave

Still many paths I have to pave

In stillness, I Lay

Nothing to help pass the day

Sustenance my body craves

My mind floats away on the waves

My lips thirst

Clouds disbursed

Sinking headfirst

With the lord I conversed

No rain in sight

No radiance to break the night

I gaze at the starlight

Never did I give up the fight

I longed for a decent shower

Just before my darkest hour

Sharks were ready to devour

Never did I cower

Notice I in a distance

Something appears in the clearance

Peering I at a brilliance

A sound faint breaks the silence

Floated I did on a raft of bamboo

A ship finally came to my rescue

Now I stand on solid ground

Exotic Foods now surround

Path I took up a slippery slope

I once walked a tightrope

I found the courage to cope

Never ever did I give up hope

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