I Am A Diamond In The Rough

I am a diamond in the rough,
meant to be buried yet still remain tough,
My father told me i could outshine them all;
for, at my worst I still stood tall.
Many times dirt has covered me,
I still shine bright; as, this is what is meant to be,
I am a diamond in the rough,
accidentally buried; yet, still remain tough.

I withstand the summer.winter, and fall,
I shall still remain the brightest diamond of all,
My points are big and sharp for all the world to see,
for my father, I will bring protection to all that befriends me,
pick me up.dust me off, and admire my chi me;
because, with me as a friend, you will always be in your prime,
I am a diamond in the rough,
never again to be buried; for, I have been buried enough!

by Kelley Collins

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