CR (may 9th 1991 / PA)

Lost Between Love And Pain

Shes sitting there trying to find out whats right
How can this be such a big fight
Lost between love and pain
Her tears seem to fall like rain
If her heart breaks again can she stay strong?
They keep telling her to walk away
But he always has so much to say
She remembers all the lies
She knows he never heard her cries
Yet she seems to hold on tight with all her heart
Even if he was the one to rip it apart
She feel as if the world around her is turning black
Shes so scared to look back
Losing him is scary but being hurt bad again is her fear
She has tired to be his again for almost a year
Learning the truth sent her over the edge
For the longest time she wanted revenge
She don't know what to say yes or no?
Maybe she should just go
Being with him might not be her fate
Yet him she still can't hate
It doesn't even seem fair
She knows hes never going to care
Her little sister tells her not to even try
Because she was there when all she did was cry
Yet she seems to be so lost in love in pain
If things keep up this way shes going to go insane
The things I never did see
Would you believe this girl is me?

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Comments (3)

If you are between love and pain, if you walk away from love that's pain as well being without love.
That was amazing..... I LOVED IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
thank you for putting it into words the way i am