Lost Blossom

Poem By Crystal Maresh

What is happening to us now
What can I do
How can I do it?

Are we just supposed to live
Fated to be alone
For all eternity?

Why is it hard
To deal with this pain
Everytime I think of you I start to cry.
I remember how we were
And how I was happy then.

Am I fated to be alone
A lost cherry blossom
That flows from the tree
Into the ground all alone

Seperated by the bonds
That you have severed
How can we live
When we are just confused?

What can I do
Is this it?
Is this the last kiss goodbye
Am I going to be alone
From this day on.

I gave you my heart
I gave you my love
Now how can I deal with it
When it pains me everyday
To see you with her.

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good poem Crystal; keep it up

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