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The Eternal Goodness
MS (4th September 1949 / Hounslow. Middx)

The Eternal Goodness

Poem By John Greenleaf Whittier

It's not that late, but it is winter
And already dark outside
I wander out and looking up
Spy the first star of the evening
They say that star is magical
It can grant your hearts' desire
Any wish; it will be yours
Yet for what, should I wish
I can't help but wonder
I go inside to sit and ponder
Yet the list just keeps getting longer
Eventually I do make up my mind
And go outside to make my wish
But now the sky is full of starlight
Where now that first star of the night.

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Comments (3)

You put a smile on my face with those last two lines- -thank y
And for what did you wish? Or would that be telling?
A really complex set of a thoughts concentrated into a very succinct, effective piece! Well done!