Lost Child

I dreamt that I could fly
Across the crimson colored sky
Colliding with moonbeams
Causing stars to burst at the seams
I soared like an eagle, wings spread wide
But I couldn’t reach him no matter how hard I tried
I dreamt I was an angel with silver wings
Watching over everyone like a king of all kings
I sat at a throne so I could oversee
A kingdom where everyone was free
But no matter how hard I tried
A child in the distance cried
I dreamt I was a knight in shining armor
Rescuing m’lady so no one could harm her
I rode a mighty steed to free the world
Erasing all the prejudice and peril
But I could not rid the echo in the night
Just beyond my reach, a child’s plight
So if all we have are dreams
Then we are living to extremes
We must awaken to what is real
React to what we feel
Take a lost child by the hand
And lead them to the promise land
Let them dream as much as they can
But wake them up to an honest plan

by Alfred Ramos

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