Lost Dreams

How soon we forget
The broken dreams of yesterday
Now scattered across the sands of time
Like broken bodies half covered and forgotten;

Each with his own
Dreams that never will come true
Carried on the winds to who knows where
Like a thought lost somewhere in mid sentence;

And will they appear
On the other side of awakening
To begin the journey one more time
Like a broken record going 'round and 'round?

How soon we forget
Today's sad news fades quickly
Into the hot dry sands of oblivion
And life goes on just as it always has

But for the grieving
Suspended now in their sorrow
Trying to make sense of utter senselessness
And retrieve those lost dreams for safe keeping.

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

I wanne evaluate the poem 'River of Time' but the system wouldn´t let me, so I choose a other one. You are my favorite poetess here on PH. Your themes are flawless and it seems as if you don´t need much effort to write them. Keep up the good work.10+
Vanishing dreams are always sad and painful in the illusive life? Linda holds a sensitive brush to paint such endeavors in strife.
Those dreams are always worth ressurecting Linda. Nice work. Danny
Linda, I once thought there was no way of resurrecting lost dreams. However somehow I did and I'm stronger for it now. Top marks and thanks for sharing this beautiful poem my friend. Hugs David
beautiful.. reading this carried a 'light' through me..nicely penned
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