S ( / NYC)


In my place I'm meant to scream, fear, shed a tear
In my place I sit and wonder
What happens in my head I ponder
Endless whispers in my ear
Telling me not to fear
Warping my mind
Telling me to hate my kind
Just whispers I tell myself, just whispers I tell myself
Rambling on of infinite wealth
Hate them, kill them, destroy them they tell me
Go out and fulfill our grim decree.

In my place I cannot see
The whispers fill me with sadistic glee
The thick padded walls are to my disgrace
There to keep me in my place
The wall hide my screams, my rants, my raves
The only thing I hear
Are the endless whispers in my ear.

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well im happy u were found
A nice sentiment. I have some idea what you mean. I just hope you never lose what you have found Clair