Lost Friend

You woke me from an ordinary life,
Into my heart, you've placed a knife.
You'd passed on to a new world,
Not knowing that you were part of me, like of no other girl.

The times we shared,
And times we laughed,
I think of as I stare at your photograph.
The secrets we told,
Times that were gold,
Are now nothing because you're here, no more.

The tears roll down my face,
As I long for your embrace.
I wish that it was a lie.
I wish that you were still alive.
I want you to walk in and tell me to stop acting crazy.
That you won't do because there is no more of you!

Lostt friend of mine,
From my eyes, you've taken the shine.
You've left me empty and blue,
Because I've lost you.
You've changed me,
I realize
You've showed me the world,
But then you lef me and moved on.
I have to face the fact that you're really gone.

by Adnana Saric

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