AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

'Lost Ideal World'

A deep valley of the picture,
Lead me back to childhood memories,
Memory from the 12 young playmate,
Efforts on Yeah, over the mountains
Continue to climb Yeah,
Climbed to a 'Braemar Hill' Little Lake,
No, it is more beautiful West Lake ah!
That is our common sense.
No one Sunday when we were less than
Even in cold winter.

It's off to move our fragmented
Can not go down by the years and the years.

Returned from abroad a look,
Oh! My day! Why not come to a few years....
Here everything changed?
Beautiful paradise
Suddenly disappeared!
Not have had subsidence landslide?
Not ah! You see there is....
Rich, high-rise buildings!
They had been captured, 'Choi Sai Woo! '
Oops! Is the builder of magic,
The lake's 'Braemar Hill' has changed,
Change away one of our paradise
Lost to a Lok Tsuen rich!

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