WTO ( / )

World Of Confusion

This is a world of confusion:
Where tribal conflicts are enhanced,
By Media's constant fear mongering.
This is not computerized Utopia,
But a mawkish series of endless distractions.
It is a hellish realm of disinformation;
Of blood spattered digitals,
That only register silent screams.

by Dominic Windram

Comments (5)

A very cool identity question and the answers is present in your own identity.
There's always prayer Willa. A simple plea for peace. Kenneth
This is a heart-renching poem. Congratulations on writing so beautifully about a mental state that many others share, but could not find a voice to express their pain.
I like this poem Willa. Especially the last paragraph is very heartfelt. Well done and keep posting.. HBH
Most beautiful and soul searching.. and excellent rhyme and flow. Chrissie