*lost In Calligraphy

Enchained in calligraphy
Pointed swords and shields
Heavy lines in punctuations
The Gnostic part up and below
The line is broken or color added
With flowers decorated and gold
Silver linings in perfumes
The way spoken or recited
Many emotions on the alter
The artist to lay down codes
On the bars the art in curve
From up the sky but on bark
On leaf and scrolls engraved
Lost in calligraphy the spirit
The reed and the tambourine
The rush of blood as whispered
In consolation for the dying
Before the Wailing Wall
New Testament or old
So goes for the verse
Of Jami and Rumi
Words here and words there
Words up and words down
Like the dots on the face
The beloved makes to adore
Power to heal and to avert
Bring good luck avoid eye evil
For the eternal bond spoken
Recited in celebrations in funerals
Such is the power of words

by Sadiqullah Khan

Comments (3)

'It isn't true that they don't mean, They want to say something. They want to say... As when one starts to sing Without knowing the words. A very common thing. Well, I like to do so.' I've taken the liberty of translating Aldo Palazzeschi a little bit.
Intriguing how you bring expression to the stroke of a pen. Very nice.
This is a beautiful write Sadiqullah...10++