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Lost In Chaos
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Lost In Chaos

Why so lonely in a room full of crowd?
Outside your window there stands tall and proud-
Your blooming flower plant so red, vulnerable and frail
Nurtured by your cigarette ashes, fed from your bottle of Yellow Tail,
Calling you to step outside to look for your soul, long gone with the rain,
Your soul that you fledged for so long with tears, agony and pain,
Captured somewhere out there in a balloon, calls for you over and over again.
So step outside and look up – no scavengers glide against your sky’s blue grace,
Step outside and close your eyes, feel the seeds of life gliding past your face.
Outside your window the children of earth remind you of your prime-
Please step outside to claim your belongings for one last time.

But wait,
I could have told you all this if we lived in some other space or time. But today
Inside your chest, the untamed beasts rage to commit an unforgiving crime-
Impatient to maul your ribcage, ready to obliterate your fences
With a pair of blasphemous bloodshot eyes and monstrous glances.

Did I ever tell you I often had a dream, where you rode those savages?
Where plate tectonics blended into one as you carried on your ravages
That you brought upon an ungrateful world full of hatred, sufferings and wars-
With a symbol of peace incinerated on your chest; indignant insolent fingers
Pointing up at your God who once lived in the heavens behind a sky full of ten billion stars.

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