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Lost In Flanders (In Memory Of My Grandfather)
WMP (October 1951 / London, UK)

Lost In Flanders (In Memory Of My Grandfather)

Poem By willow moon pearce

I remember well, the curse of Sarajevo
My friends cheering, the black line
'We will be home before Christmas'.
I joined because friends had joined.
Friends always.
Haunted by the poster saying,
'What did you do in the war dad'?

I survived the training, a young, well read
healthy man.
Sworn at and cursed by the old Boer war
Putting on the loose, ill fitting uniform
Like sheep. Docile sheep.
Trying to believe what I was doing was right.

When the fighting began, I was in a trench.
Stinking mud of bodies, faeces and rats.
The noise of the guns, thundering and scarring me.
So there is no sleep and I cannot think.

Whistles blowing, shouts of the officers
Making me mount the ladder and see
No-mans land for the first time.
Is this what I am fighting for?
Before I could think anymore,
A punch in the chest drops me to the
Dirt, soldiers treading on me.
I cannot breathe and I want to sleep.
I am far from home.

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Comments (2)

A well written powerful poem Willow.
Wow, this really got straight to my heart! Amazing the way you have written it, amzing feelings I got while reading it! I love the words you used...and the rich imagery you've put into this! Such a great poem to read! It's perfect...