Lost In Limbo.

This hell on earth, this torment mine
A hopeless romantic, caught up in time
From an age of beau's and flattery
To morning duels and chivalry

Men at arms who fight the cause
The victors spoils and lavish balls
Frills and ruffs, and velvet gowns
Stately manors with packs of hounds

Lover's secret assignations
Broken hearts and wild flirtations
Cloudless nights with stars above
Where lovers pledge undying love

Caught in a time that is'nt mine
It is a parody
Every hour of every day
Now seems eternity
I tread the future, yet live the past
This hopeless role in which I'm cast

I cannot change the way I feel
Lost in time my senses reel
In a world so cold and full of sadness
Comfort me in my hour of madness.

by Graham Jones

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It must be pretty awful to find yourself back in those times Graham, a rather nasty nightmare. Shriek! ! ! ! ! ! Nice write though. Love Ernestine XXX