TA (27 july / nigeria)

Lost In The Bottles

In a split of a second
Minutes have passed and hours have gone by
I was lost deep in thoughts
How would I undo what had been done
No one seemed to give any reasonable answer
I needed a way out of my mysries
Then I found the bottle, it was my best friend
One glass a day, and for a few hours my troubles were gone
Because I was lost in the bottle

In a spilt of a minute
Days have passed an months have gone by
I found passion with various bottles
I have wandered away from my conciousness to my unconciousness
Nothing seems to bother me about my travails
But I have moved from being followed to a loner
Everyone thinks I need to divorce my bottle life
Because I am lost in the bottle

With months gone by
Years have passed and decades gone by
I find myself struggling to go back to sanity
Problems I thougth were solved have trippled up in years
With no one around, but me alone left to fight out my habits
Almost ruined but for His mercies I have life and I'm hopeful
I break every bottle I have and act blind to every bar around
I will fight till I have my normal life back
Because I'm through with the bottles.

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