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Lost In The Lies
LZ (10/21/93 / Missouri)

Lost In The Lies

1.This is to a boy,
who got inside of my head,
with all the amazing things he said,
but once you love someone,
that person is,
forever apart of you,
no one knows,
how much i am hurting inside,
you'll never know,
Chorus- goodbye to you,
goodbye to everything i thought i knew,
words cant describe,
how much i hate you inside,
ohh yeah,
i was,
lost in the lies
2.distance means so little,
when you love someone,
this much,
i was your dimond heart,
never thought you would wanna break
me down,
but all those memories faded when
promised me they wouldn't
just hold me tight!
: Repeat Chorus:
she's just another girl,
believing in something,
that will never happen,
close my eyes and move to the back of
my head,
where feelings don't
mean a thing,
do you see it in my eyes,
i cant let go,
you can hear it,
in my voice,
when i say these words
: Repeat Chorus:

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Comments (2)

It is sad everyone these day have a broken heart well express
Wow, I wish I could hear that song. That was so good. And I think I can relate to what you're saying. When you love someone that much, it makes heartbreak so much worse. I was told love was never gonna end, and it did just the same.