Lost In The Light

Lost in the Light

Lost in the light,
the light in your eyes,
hiding the fears,
veiled by your thin disguise

I wonder at the reasons,
you seem frightened by my love,
believe me my only one,
just trust in the one above

everything is right,
our spirits are rising high,
we're gonna make it through,
faith is our ally

I know that we really care,
respect is what we show.
If constant love is what we share,
that constant love will grow

I promise to love you
faithfully my dear,
I'll always hold your close
and kiss away your tears,
as long as we believe
I know we'll find the way,
you know that Jesus is or light
our love proves that it's right

Gomer LePoet

song lyrics from 1996

by Gomer LePoet

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