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Lost In The Moment
ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Lost In The Moment

I walked along the beach in windy air.
My mind was lost in deep meditation.
I searched for better periods in my life.

Sadly no one could share my thoughts.
Loud waves crashed the beaches edge.
The anger of the sea crumbled my display.

I looked at the ocean and reflected to myself.
Is there a reason why I should stop wishing?
Maybe I can sail away with the next current.

I yearn to be free like the dolphins at sea.
Sometimes I wish I would fly away to paradise.
I don’t want to hide my pleasures anymore.

I need somebody to show me the right way.
How I venture looking for brighter tomorrow,
And somebody near me to tell tales to live by.

These concepts are vividly floating away.
Everything I explored is a blurred vision.
Maybe my prospects will return someday.

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Being able to capture a passing moment so tightly… so poetically, and to probe into its mysteries, as well as those of the self, you will never be lost.