Lost In Thot

The radio is on, but I don’t hear it,
It seems so quiet and still as we travel
Down this old familiar highway -
We must have gone down this highway a hundred times.

I stare off into space and my thots launch me
Into another place
The gentle hum of the car seems to hypnotize me that way-
Thots sneak out of their little hiding places,
Creeping out of the dark corners of my mind,
Swirling through my consciousness,
Thots I had long ago put away.

The thots cause me pain,
And joy,
And confusion as I remember something spoken,
Or written, or sometimes just a look.

You turn to me with that puzzled expression on your face,
That worried look that sometimes comes over you-
And ask me what the trouble is.

I want to tell you... the thots are there
On my tongue-Pressing on my teeth,
I open my mouth to speak.

But they scramble and freeze,
And nothing forms in my mouth-
I just smile at you, and say
‘Nothing’s wrong, sweetheart’.

And truly, nothing is wrong,
Just an errant thot that got loose in the quiet.

by Cathy Jackson

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You write well about thots. Hope the muse is hovering... Ax