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Lost In Thought
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

Lost In Thought

These days life is so confusing,
I'm really wondering what the truth is.
I'm wondering what i have to be,
Be complex or stick to simplicity.
Be good or a bit of bad is okay.

I'm wondering if life is coming my way
Or going away,
If I'm losing or gaining,
If I'm laughing or aching,
If I need to unlearn what I know,
If I need to keep what I'm letting go,
If I need to believe in the world or in me,
If I need to realize what I'm unwilling to see,
If I need to face life one on one,
Or move with it and live till I'm gone,
If I need to work hard to enjoy after,
If I need to bear ache for my forthcoming laughter,
If i need to worry about what the world thinks,
Or just let them be coz they'd be gone in winks.

Am i free bird or bounded by chains?
Am i pretending that i can bear the pains?
Do i need a friend or can i face life on my own?
Are my friends going to be there when the whole world is gone?
Is my trust going to pay or am i going to be betrayed?
Would I be better off if they left or they stayed?

I’m scared coz i wonder if life's really good or bad,
I'm scared coz i wonder will i lose all i had,
I wonder if I'll ever know if I'm wrong or right,
I wonder if I should accept life or fight.
I wonder will people like me for who I am,
Or is this just one big conspiracy plan,
I wonder if i'm on track,
Or i'm just another one who's going to be attacked.

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Well, there is a lot of thought in there and, if it was your intention to portray the confusion brought by it, you've done well. I have a personal issue with the word 'coz' as, otherwise your grammar and diction, is otherwise spot on and it seems unnecessary to the work - 'because' works just as well in the flow of the piece so it's not a metre issue. Also, maybe breaking the piece up into sections might help the reader digest it. Still an interesting and thought provoking write though.