Lost In Time

Not so long ago
I can feel the trembles in my hands when I touch you
Not so long ago
I can fell from the weakness in my knees when you look deep inside of me
Not so long ago
I can shiver from the sensations of you skin and smell

Where are they now?
Is it the lost of feelings?
Is it the lost of memories?
Is it the lost of one’s soul?
Or is it just lost in time?

Now when I touch you
There is no tremble
Now when you look into my eyes
There is no wind that swept me away from my feet
Now when I feel your skin and your sweet smell
There are no tingling sensations from the pores of my skin

Just take a look at me now
There’s nothing left inside this hollow eyes
The precious that was lost
Lost in the wheel of time

by Albert Oktovianus

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