(June 30,1948 / New York, NY USA)

Lost In You, A Home Pome

There is the rising
fierce, intense
inciting first my sight
and then pursuit
and then release—
no sense denying
what is true.

But there is something else—
in all that goes before
and during and what's after—
a forgetting, a relief—
a blessed reprieve—
from the burden of myself
while lost in you.

by Glen Kappy

Comments (2)

Wow, Susan! Thank you for your strong affirmation of this poem. Honesty was definitely something I was aiming for. So much is part of what we call love, and this is an attempt to identify two of its elements. Hoping this finds you well, productive in your writing, and stress-free (or as stress-free as possible) , Glen
Stunning in its truthfulness and its passion. I truly think this is one of your best. It takes my breath away and I keep rereading it.10++++++++++ and onto my fav list.