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Lost Inside
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Lost Inside


The discovery of a person,
This person lost inside,
Lost inside of myself.
Once upon a time I found a place,
A place void of hurt, sadness and pain,
This secret hiding spot so safe and hidden
I lost part of myself here and forgot I ever existed.
When a part of your soul no longer exists
In your memory how can you ever feel complete?
Wanting to share my life with you
Is what has sent me searching,
Your support has guided me toward the place
I have always been too scared to find.
It is here I am faced with a lifetime of fears.
As I choose to open this door I am flooded
With memories so real I can feel the hurt
As if yesterday,
So real I can smell the day as if sadness has an odour of its own.
As I allow these confined emotions to consume me
I now am able to set free a piece of myself.
This is one of the missing pieces in my puzzle that will eventually reveal the complete picture of my destiny.

8th February 2004

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Some interesting thoughts, but more prose than a poem.