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Lost Jewel
GH (April 24th / Penzance England)

Lost Jewel

Poem By Gerard Heathcote

A jewel sat in my hand like a treasure
Fingers opened and closed round its soft curve
It reminds me of your breast contours
I held you tight and close as be
You arched your back in ecstasy
Why did you take the jewel from me

Sorrow drains my badly deflated energy
It spreads its shadow over the tide of tears
my love into the fading of time brings fears
of a deluded redemption from loneliness
It takes time to feel the chronic pain that slowly
emerges from the sting of a damaged heart
like waves breaking with the sudden crack followed by
the waters long run to the shore then disappears

memories sweet delights ring around my brain
recalls the moments we shared the energies remain
eyes closed the soft matter runs the tape around
images of our love and sacred spaces rarely found
The clasped jewel flies uncontrolled from my hand
your smile embossed on the crystal face
consigned to the winds tail I've lost the race

Unrevealed the time of loss the moment of fright
slowly emerged from the dead hand that paints the night
The realisation that the sea laps the shore and buries
the essence of your being in the earths sand
why did I unfold my trembling hand
The jewel is loves perfection hot it burns the skin
I let it go my sweetest love forgive my sin

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