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***lost Little Threads***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***lost Little Threads***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Sometimes feeling like a little boy
Trapped inside a tall mans body
I had to grow up and dropp the toys
Being a kid here was a fool’s mad hobby

Or maybe it was my trip on shrooms
But I swear it never hurt
Though my crash landing in the room
Sure kicked up the dirt

That came falling through my cranium into my mind
Landing on memories in explosive clusters
I lost those hours lost in colour and time
Being wiped away in a psychedelic duster

I know I was back home coz I felt alone
But I know I went somewhere
I can’t recollect the zone or where it was I roamed
Or what it is I done there

Those little memories that act like you’re stitching
Little threads holding the core of you intact
I find without my lost threads I’m always itching
To find myself more and to know all the facts

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