Lost Love

Tainted by a light,
Glimmering from a bulb,
dimly flickering,
Resting inside a tungsten wire.
And like rain the light falls down on me as I rise from my chair
in restless anxiety in this
melancholy shading.
'So this is pain.' The phone, bearing ominous fate,
falls nonchalantly to the floor.
A tear from my eye leaks from my cheek
to that same exact floor.
'Why is love the most difficult to have,
but so easily given up?
One mistake sends me my product pain;
Do I deserve this tragedy or do I tragically deserve it?
Will I ever see the light of my own day
or will I fold inside my love's decay? '
Whimpering, I fall to my knees,
hitting the desk at the foot of my bed
And the once glorious picture of two loving souls
shatters to pieces
on that same exact floor.
Hoping, wishing, praying that
the glass from the frame repairs itself
and not lie there forever
on that same exact floor...

by Andy Greenwald

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