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Lost Love
KS Kitty Smith ( / )

Lost Love

Remembering his gentle touch and tender kiss,
Our once stolen moments of quiet bliss.
The adoring looks of his piercing blue eyes,
The lingering moments before his good byes.
Mind-distracting thoughts of our lusting love,
I still long to cuddle like loving doves.
I miss his fresh-shaved scent against my face,
The pleasant memories of our favorite place.
Eyes damp with tears hearing our favorite song,
Yesterdays seem fresh, and yet so long.
Sincerely regretting the mistakes we made,
And the painfulness of the price we paid.
If only past mistakes could be undone,
Once again, we could become one.
Sweet memories may fade in the days gone by,
But lost love will never separate our soulful ties.

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hey, i bet everyone wishes they could go back and erase a few moments, maybe days. your poem reminds me of some moments, none that i regret but heart aching moments.thumbs up for you. i don't believe that time heals those types of wounds...uncalled for, sorry.