Lost Love

Poem By Brandon Chiles

As I lie here in my sleep,
your the only thing to wake me with but a breath,
pain passes as swiftly as it came,
being near you is intoxicating,
my lips were meant to meet yours in the rain,
in the snow or on the grass,
your eyes tell the story,
and it's all I need to know.
We can't have this continue, but neither of us want to say no,
circumstance is our bane,
our existence pointless,
without each other in our lives,
we're just another couple of bee's without a hive,
you complete me in every way imaginable,
and it has to end like this,
a quick hug and kiss,
and a scar left on my heart,
as tears dropp from your eyes,
heartbreak for us both,
lost in the confusion of others lies,
we bleed for each other's love,
to have it torn away from our grasp,
so be Cleopatra and use the Asp,
I'll be Romeo and take my own life,
knowing I live without you,
your my world now...and always will be,
please...won't you hold my hand again?

Comments about Lost Love

your writing is still as amazing as always.. hope to hear from you soon love always summer

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