Lost Love

I have two children, I cannot see,
though my love is strong, as love can be.
Since a divorce, two went two ways,
one hides the children, to this very day.
No letter, no phone call, nor touch of their hand,
no picture, no hug or love shared with this man.
The children loved me, the last I took them home,
before mom moved again, to leave dad alone.
Their mom moved, then remarried too.
I am their father, usually alone and blue.
I wait for my children, in hopes that one day,
their love will return and come looking my way.
J.G.S. III are the initials of my only son,
for he is now eight, and a lovable one.
Then there is my daughter Jennifer Renee,
she's five and for her my love grows each day.
If these two could return, change my one into three,
times could be tough, but I'd still be happy.

by James Stewart, Jr.

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