Lost Loved Forever

The only girl I'll hit is Mary Jane,
she really takes away the pain,
When I'm down she lifts me,
That one thing many are missing
when I'm High i don't need her for a while,
she makes me laugh, she's made me smile
I have to say, she's my second love,
She doesn't push, she doesn't shove,
She's the one i have not lost,
she comes with a price, a little cost
She is by my side, she's always been there,

Mary I haven't kissed you in a while,
I really miss the way you made me smile,
You picked me up when I was down,
I found you in different parts of town,
I've been feinen for some green, just to get me going,
But i don't need you anymore I'll show you where my life is going,
The day's I'll remember are me and my Friends Blowing.

by Ryin Ramsey

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