Lost Marbles (A Coffee Shop Tragedy)

“To be honest, ” she said as if
lying would be nothing new,
“I seriously thought about
not telling you.”

The sentence rolled between them
like a marble on a table
with uneven legs –
never finding a place
to fall still.
She watched,
wondering if he’d pick it up -
scared that he would, terrified
that he may not,
she waited.

He said simply, “I’m glad you did.”

And she…
suddenly wished she hadn’t.

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Comments (16)

I enjoy this poem a lot. But I really wish I knew what you told the man......I can guess though. The marble metaphor is genius by the way. Great write.
Honesty often exacts a high price. That marble will never find a place to fall still.
Love the simile and the pacing in this. Tight! -chuck
Wowwwww: you tell us just enough to get us hooked & leave us hanging to fill in the details in our imaginations - a mark of excellent writing. Thank you.
OhhhhoHhhhh...oooooo....what did she tell him? ? ? Don't leave me in suspense.... Hugs, Dee
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