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Lost Me Forever
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Lost Me Forever

Jimmy, baby, how could you?
How could you tear me up like this inside?
Do you have any remorse?
How could let me drown in the tears I have cried?

I loved you so very much,
I hated you so very little,
You made feel a shiver,
Every time we'd touch.
Though, you played me like a fiddle.

I thought I was the one playing you,
But oh no, I wasn't winning the game.
I was losing,
But the circumstances never seemed to change.

But then you fucked it up,
Just like everything else you do!
You ended what was so beautiful,
So caring and kind.
You began think with something other than your mind.

Was she better?
Did you like her more?
What was it?
What was it that kept you 'knocking' on her door?

I wonder why,
But the answer remains the same.
You found something in her,
Something that brought you pleasure, not pain,
Something you never found in me.

It might of been a long time ago,
When you finally rejected me,
When you finally said no.
But I miss you.

I miss your arms that gave me a place to go,
I miss your kiss that gave me the love I need,
I miss the whispers that fluttered inside of me,
I miss the love you used to bleed.

I do not need you,
No, I don't,
Hope you are happy with Sarah,
Hope you're REAL happy with her,
Though, I miss you,
You have lost me forever.

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i usually stop reading a poem when this word coem up the four letter word.