BT (December 17,1964 / Canada)

Lost On The Desert

Lost on the 'Ocean of Fire'
Exhausted, tattered
The sun searing
It cannot compete, my thirst for you

The wind bitter, sand like shards of steel tearing
Clouds drape the untouchable sky
This vessel torn and bleeding

Can you hear the train whistle?
rumbling along the tracks
This work of a lifetime colors my world
Clouded and dark you cannot see
So close and so far...

Up the hill i push the locomotive
Again and again the summit nearly reaching
I strain, my back creaks, alone it seems i push
Here again the mountain before us
Now i begin to see the crowd waiting to board

These lips burning for 240 days
The memory of your kiss
Tears as diamonds caressing the dunes

Can you find these words
before another falls
lost to the sands of time

The soothing melody of your voice
A gift i cannot match
Lost in distant memories

Your merest whisper
on the desert i wait

by Bud Taylor

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