Lost Piece

my heart held down because my life as been hell bound,
nothings going right,
and i'm afraid I am losing the fight,
my love my life,
my life is over and there's no more pushing past,
because no, it never will last,
my love my life,
everything's lost, and at a deep vain cost,
now, all that's left is red, the red that I bled,
every drop makes me slip,
slip over the thought of you lips,
so preciouses love is,
but its threw me into darkness,
so my love my life,
is over,
my life pushed over,
my love threw away and no matter what people say,
nothing can mend my broken heart,
ill will forever be tore apart,
so my love my life is gone,
no matter what i've done,
there's no getting back because i've bled,
forgetting, everything you...... have said,

by christian thurmond

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Comments (2)

Accurately penned emotions of the initial feelings about lost love. (It does eventually heal) Thanks for sharing, Christian. Peace
Oh, what a sad lovely poem this is, I really liked it, thanks for sharing these touching words. Waiting for more poems by you.