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Lost Poets

Jack Kerouac wrote somewhere
America is a lonely crocashit.
I scribbled it down
And my ex-wife placed it
In Pablo Neruda’s book
Twenty Love Poems And A Song Of Despair.

I found it years after she was gone
And it made everything
Seem logical and reasonable.

But it is not just America:
Every place is afflicted
With terrible stinging tears
And loveless lives
And unfulfilled longing.

Like Kerouac, most poets
Are sad alcoholics;
Maybe everyone in the world
Is a lost poet.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (4)

I have been reading your work Uriah, I like to get to know the poets in my world! I particularly found this one enlightening and very honest to goodness poet speak. 10 from Not quite alcoholic Tai Poet
I love this poem! A lot! And I think you are right...everyone is a poet....Not sure about the alcoholic thing but sure about the poet thing. :)
i am no alcoholic but i love this poem.
This is nice but I have to say........I'm no alcoholic, in fact I never touch alcohol.......but, then again, some would say I'm no poet either! I like this poem, you're right it seems no place is safe from the suffering of life. sincerely, Mary