Lost Smile

Such strange concept, meeting under these conditions.
Oh smile have I found you?
Where have you been all this time?
Hiding under a rock in someone elses mind.
Can I just say I love everything thing that's wrong with you.
I'm the hopeless romantic trying to avoid sinking the titantic.
Iceburg ahead, lets take control.
We can do this as one.
Souls united, a fire the humbles.
A kiss that makes us completely vulnerable yet so indestructable.
Can you not feel the power?
It burns from the inside.
We're alive and we know it.
I keep hearing the words don't blow it.
There is the voice of reason in my head.
It's stern but steady.
So sure, so certain.
Pulling away lifes' final curtains.
This time I will marry you.
Let this love shine all the way through.
My vows to god, a cross above my brow, I shall never forsake.
You just blow my mind away.
So this poem is too you, because you have brought me something not so new.
A smile long forgotten.

by Ace Of Black Hearts

Comments (1)

Another work, that like an arrow that hit the bulleyes! i mean the narrative, story and emotional in the poem it just well written here! I hope you will never lost your smile again Ace because everything will be new, starting new when smiling is more often on face! try it..again it is wonderful work!