AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)

'Lost Soul Of A Gang Member'

In the dark of a man eyes
I can see his weary cries
Looking at himself and not full of hope
Desiring his heart and his scope
For his eyes are not like the sun
The darkness has only begun
Alone, and lost in thought
He stood in the rain and fought
When I consider how his life was spent
Light into death, thus his soul more bent
He walks in silence, like the night
Thus mellowed to the tender light
Drowning in the waistless sea
He slowly walks, a pase at ease
He would have never experience true happiness
For a life like his, you never get the greatest wishes
Through hardship and sorrow
He hopes only to see tommorrow
His wings are black as midnight
Scaring all that is in sight
Building up on all his sins
Cutting away at his skin
With blood running down his arms
Surely one day he will hear the alarm

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wow..... that is a great poem.... nice.