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Lost Soul Song
MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)

Lost Soul Song

There was a time when I thought I would never be whole
A time when you were my everything
My heart and my soul

I started to heal, put the pieces back together
Little by little, I began to make a start
Slowly but surely the ties I started to sever

It’s been months, it’s been years, it seems a life time ago
I’m nearly there, I’m nearly better
I’m making progress but it seems so slow

I look in the mirror, try to find what once was there
The face is the same, so is the body
But when I look in the eyes, they no longer care

I’ve put the pieces back, all the ones I can find
I’m nearly done, I’m nearly there
In the process I nearly lost my mind

One day I will be fine, one day I will move on
But you took something away that I can not get back
My soul is not the same, it has lost it’s song

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