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Isolation is to be left out when you want to be in.
Isolation is feeling that sense of loneliness.
Isolation is feeling alone when ten thousand people surround you.
Isolation is hearing laughter in a room and silence when you walk in.
Isolation is staying away from people, afraid they won’t talk back.
Isolation is sad.
Isolation is small.
Isolation is hard to describe unless you are the person feeling it.
Isolation is quiet.
Isolation is blood pounding in your ears.
Isolation is counting how many times you get let down and eventually lose track.
Isolation is wanting to forgive but not knowing how.
Isolation is uttering a cry from the depths of your soul and waiting forever for that reply.
Isolation is not hearing an answer when you ask a question.
Isolation makes you feel worthless.
Isolation has to be the cruelest of emotions.
I despise the feeling of isolation.
I think everyone does.

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Wonderful poem. Kya baat hai, कितनी जरूरी हैं, इंसान की बेवकूफियां यारों अपनी बेवकूफी पर ही तो, थोड़ा हँस लेता है.
Sahi kaha aapney.... अक्ल के साथ खुदा ने बेवकूफियां भी बख्शीं तभी तो खुद को अपने जाल में उलझा लेता है. Beautiful poem with fantastic flow of words. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing with us.