SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

Lost Without You

dont want it to be real
never wanted it to be fate
cant control the way i feel
cant control the things i hate
i'm trying not to cry,
but thats hard for me not to do
keep asking myself why
why God had to take you
my hearts bleeding with pain
at times i just want to scream
my life will never be the same again
praying that this is all just a dream
sometimes i wish i could take your place
cause i'm already dead inside
keep seeing an image of your face
and that article from the day you died
missing you so much it hurts to breathe
crying out for you
this is all just so hard for me to believe
sitting here with nothing else to do
you used to make me smile
you used to make me laugh
to see you again i'd walk a million miles
but i know that's something i cant have
i feel so helpless, i feel so blue
i feel so distraught without the presence of you
everytime i see the door i'm hoping you'd walk through
looking at the empty parking spot parying i'd see you
wiping the tears away
saying it'll be okay
come into work again the next day
hoping things would go my way
i have no one to talk to
i lost my best friend
why did God have to choose you
why put your life to an end
Nelson, if you hear me
help to ease this pain
because i'm losing grip of reality
i'm feeling depressed again
you were like my little brother
not only a good friend
i talked to you more than any other
you were like a God send
tonight i'll close my eyes
tomorrow i'll awake
and i'll cry again by sunrise
as my heart continues to break

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