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Lost Without You
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Lost Without You

Poem By Raptured Soul

I rise every morning to uncertainness,
as the day is never promised.
Yet as my heart beats,
I hear “1110”, what does it mean? !
This number, this phrase I hear,
“1110”, though not clear, feels right.

Might it be another heartbeat,
Feeling the same? !
I feel it yearning, wanting,
my heart feels in tune.
“1110”, “1110”.
Both hearts incredibly synched,
but yet very far apart.

I remember in passing some time ago,
our eyes met, but never broke.
Glancing into one another’s souls,
I saw what could be, what will be.

Lost in each other,
we subsist future lifetimes.
Same heartbeats, still one.
That day, November 10th,
I realized, the love I speak of, eternity bound,

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Comments (3)

A great start with a nice poem, Soul. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
I gave this a 9 for now, but who knows, I may come back someday and give it a 10. A lot depends on how I view this over time. I'm not ready just yet because it isn't as clear as I like. We'll see. GW62
Love can immortalise anything; a date has attained that glory thro' yr pen dear Soull mate...great poem